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ENGINTEL was founded in 1990 with a clear goal in mind: to provide professionals with the necessary tools in order to achieve language proficiency, especially in English, and thus help them succeed in the globalized world. For this purpose, we rely on a group of language experts with an outstanding academic level, who are also passionate for language teaching. In addition, we also offer comprehensive translation & interpreting services and provide tools for human resources management.

We have developed a teaching method that allows for an active language learning process, by encouraging the improvement of all four skills; listening, speaking, reading and writing. Our class dynamics aim to create a friendly teaching atmosphere, and the student as the core element. We follow the communicative approach to language acquisition, with innovative methodologies and customized-content techniques.

Likewise, we possess the expertise, knowledge and tools to provide timely, confidential and high quality translation and interpreting services.

We offer our programs to both companies and people who are eager to improve their English skills. We provide tax-exempted courses to companies –SENCE-, and we have been awarded with Convenio Marco to offer our programs to the public sector as well.


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Our Mission

To provide comprehensive and high quality language services, especially in English, that meet our clients’ requirements and, therefore, contribute to the development of a more global bilingual citizen.

Our Vision

To build long-term strategic alliances with our clients based on trust and professionalism, supporting and adding value to their businesses through our expertise.

Value proposal

We are active listeners; therefore we hear what our clients and students have to say! We constantly seek that feedback in order to come up with better and tailored services to meet our clients’ needs.

Learn English in a meaningful way to use it everywhere

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